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You are invited...

 the Path of LIBERATION


Your REBOOT begins:




Immersive Masterclass

This transformative 12-week masterclass is designed to empower those seeking lasting change. With live facilitation, compassionate guidance, practical exercises, and powerful meditations, this masterclass facilitates a journey of inner exploration, self-discovery and liberation. 




1:1 Coaching
Taking this journey with others will support your growth as you discover constrictive patterns that have kept you feeling stuck. It provides extra support to deepen the learning, get more out of your class time and assist with integration. We also offer opportunities for 1-on-1coaching. Coaching is also the gateway to becoming a future facilitator.




Growth & Support
When you sign up for the boot camp, you'll gain access to a community of friends, resources, and opportunities to connect with like-minded seekers. As a community, you become a part of a shared experience. What awaits you is a beautiful, interactive space that provides the support you need to grow beyond your limitations!

I need a reboot 12 week bootcamp with meditation

What is it?

Change your life in 12 weeks with this LIVE bootcamp! Together we address core beliefs, self sabotage, self actualization, and manifestation in an immersive bootcamp experience. This bootcamp will to help you find and knock down those hard to locate obstacles, unlock untapped potential, and establish a deeper connection with yourself.


This bootcamp offers live facilitation, personal accountability, guidance, practical exercises, and a virtual community to connect to. This course will facilitate an adventurous journey of self-discovery, inner exploration, and liberation, allowing you to create more joy in your life.

This course will challenge you to:

  • Embrace personal accountability

  • Reassess everything you've come to believe about yourself

  • Question your beliefs by examining the origins

  • Release those beliefs that no longer support your life goals

  • Break through those barriers that keep you from experiencing joy

  • Begin to see your reality with fresh eyes


Through this course, you will:

  • Confront your blind spots, and address the root cause of self sabotage

  • Gain a wider, more integrated perspective of your journey or life path

  • Learn to establish healthy boundaries and boldly stand in your integrity

  • Alchemize your hardships, transforming them into actionable insights

  • Authentically own your unique wisdom, voice and overall sense of self

  • Liberate yourself from self sabotage, dependency, and powerlessness

  • Own your power and show up for yourself

  • Create more joy, expansion and abundance in your life 

You will gain practical tools to unpack experiences, outcomes, choices, patterns, and beliefs to get to the core of the issues, which often look nothing like the actual challenge you're trying to solve. You'll learn to test your options, choices, and beliefs to determine if you're making choices out of love (trust) or fear (survival).


You'll discover things about yourself you never realized and will be forever armed with the 'TOOLS' to unpack every type of life challenge or decision moving forward.

There is much to unpack inside!

Who is it for?

I Need a Reboot is for anyone feeling stuck or powerless to change an aspect of life. It's designed to empower individuals who are ready to initiate profound transformations. 


I Need a Reboot is specifically tailored for you if:

  • You lack joy and genuine playfulness in your life

  • You struggle to find a sense of purpose and meaning

  • You feel trapped in repetitive patterns and experiences (groundhog day)

  • You yearn to rediscover your authentic self within your life's journey

  • You feel stuck, defeated, or uncertain about moving forward in any direction

  • You are ready to break free from ancestral & generational patterns

  • You find it challenging to establish genuine and meaningful relationships

  • You struggle to express your true self or have lost touch with your identity

  • You have inner conflict between 'who you are' and 'what you do' to live

I Need a Reboot offers a bridge between where you are and where you want to go. It is the gateway to recognizing and observing the direct relationship between your thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

I Need a Reboot Masterclass - men meditate too!

What you'll actualize


Break Free from Limitations: Ready to break the chains that have held you back? These chains affect your livelihood, career, relationships, your finances and your health. Reboot builds the foundation that allows you to say goodbye to self-doubt, ancestral patterns, self-sabotaging beliefs, and perception blocks, so you can step boldly into a life of limitless possibilities.

Build Authentic (not Egoic) Confidence: Imagine a life where you radiate authentic confidence in every step. This bootcamp will help you to embrace a future where you stand tall, knowing your true worth, radiating your inherent power, and magnetizing the resources and opportunities you want in life. 

Elevate Your Life: Get ready to elevate not just one area, but every aspect of your life. This Reboot is your all-in-one solution for holistic growth. Experience remarkable shifts in your life including relationships, money, wellness, opportunities and collaborations.

Experience Lasting Joy: Say goodbye to fleeting moments of happiness and welcome lasting joy. This isn't just about temporary change – it's a journey towards sustained, ever-propagating truth which leads to confidence, courage and joy. Experience a life where each day is filled with a joy and a passion for life.

Craft Your Unique Journey: Say goodbye to conformity and hello to a life that's authentically yours. You will establish a new blueprint that is unique to you and ONLY you!


Become Your Own Champion: End the need for external validation. This bootcamp will strengthen you to become your own champion, rooted in unshakeable self-confidence and belief in YOURSELF. Bid a final farewell to seeking approval and step into a future where YOU define your success.

I Need a Reboot Masterclass - Weekly Meditation

The Masterclass


  • Initial consult to help establish your goals

  • 12 weeks of *LIVE* mentorship

  • 170 page workbook with journal pages 

  • A high quality notebook to support your journey

  • A rich learning experience 

  • Weekly guided meditation

  • Weekly sharing and integration

  • A virtual chatroom & discussion board 

  • 60 intentional hours together

  • Guidance and support in our Virtual Incubator

  • Virtual community to stay connected with your tribe

  • The option to add coaching sessions to your journey*

  • Access to the member app

  • Option for a monthly membership

If you are ready to join your tribe and change your life, register to join a cohort!


Course Fee: $1,250

Your Facilitator

Stephanie Willis - I Need a Reboot Founder & Facilitator

Stephanie Willis

Author, Creator, Mentor,
Self Discovery Coach
Instructional Designer

& Reboot Facilitator

[about me]

Upcoming Bootcamps

Classes are facilitated live and have limited seats!

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Join our community

I Need a Reboot Community
I Need a Reboot Community
I Need a Reboot Community


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