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REBOOT for work teams

what is it?

Reboot for Work Teams is a 3-day self development workshop series designed to assist your team in gaining the clarity necessary to create a roadmap for achieving goals. Reboot for Work Teams augments existing employee engagement programs, strengthening the collective power of the workforce.


Centered upon mindfulness, this dynamic workshop series challenges your team to (1) step outside of their comfort zone and embrace personal growth (2) flush out barriers to success (3) develop clearly defined goals and a plan for actualization (4) improve problem solving skills, and (5) develop emotional intelligence.

The outcomes gained from Reboot for Work Teams will (1) build stronger team connectedness (2) drive stronger team collaboration (3) improve problem solving (4) improve overall employee engagement and (5) lead your team to leverage collaboration & drive excellence.

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Identifying who you are

Location: TBD

Participants gain an understanding of self-perception and the role it plays in our reality. We discuss how it is developed, how it is communicated to others; how it impacts decision-making, and how others perceive us.

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Identifying root cause

Location: TBD

We discuss the value of self-reflection. Participants learn how to evaluate outcomes (experiences), connect them to cause and use that knowledge to improve decision making.



Flushing out barriers to success

Location: TBD

We use critical thinking to flush out the common barriers that keep us from reaching our goals. Participants are able to identify the core issues and develop methods for overcoming them.



Discovering your potential

Location: TBD

Participants take inventory of their strengths and can better define personal and professional goals. They can then begin building a roadmap for achievement.



Deconstructing what you believe about you

Location: TBD

Participants peel back the layers to dig deeper into the origins of self identity. They'll gain a better understanding of how their core beliefs impact behaviors, experiences and relationships with others.



Creating what you want

Location: TBD

Participants learn tools (like meditation, mind mapping and vision board creation) to establish clear vision, set intention, and work towards achieving targeted goals.

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