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Stephanie Willis


I am a multi-talented, multi-dimensional, and multi-faceted.

The greatest lesson I've learned:

Is how to live freely and lovingly from the heart. When we release the density, the emotional heaviness, self-doubt, and unreasonable expectations, life becomes lighter and more joyful.

What is my mission:

It is my heartfelt mission  to be a continual source of inspiration for truth, love, and innerstanding. It is my duty, my privilege and an honor to bring forth that which I AM. It is what we are all called to do.

What inspires me: 

Love, beauty, nature, adventure, travel, art, music, dance, friendship, connection, contemplation, and quiet introspection. 


People, communication & connection, forms of expression, exploring the why's and the how's, human behavior (why we think what we think and make the choices that we do), mysteries of life, and the mysteries of the mind.

What I enjoy:

Creating, being me, improvisational voices, a good belly laugh and fine whiskey 🥃. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, swimming and various forms of  movement. I love expanding myself, exploring possibilities, and having memorable experiences.

My Short Story:

I, a single mother of two decided to give up the security of a 9-5 to play on the playground of life. I did that! I jumped without a parachute like a toddler running towards the beach, who isn't aware that she cannot swim. I wanted to explore and experience a variety of things. Because I wanted to own my time. Because I wanted to experience MORE joy, more life and test the boundaries of my known reality, and because I was tired of feeling trapped in a life of labor and the energy of constant constriction.


I'm not at all asserting that work is bad but if the work you do is draining your life force, then, something isn't as it should be. The high workloads, lack of work-life balance, high stress and disconnected work-teams made it increasingly difficult to want to give 10+ hours over to such an experience every day of the week. I enjoyed the work I performed but I no longer enjoyed what came with it. Actually it became a grueling task to get up Mon-Fri and I needed an hour to decompress after each workday.

In 2015, after 18 years of servitude, 12 in one company, I did it. I stepped off the work train to find my own way. I didn't have a plan, I trusted I would find my way and I'm glad I did as it helped me to grow exponentially. The road wasn't easy nor familiar. I had completely stepped into the unknown but I said yes to me, yes to spontaneity, yes to freedom, and yes to uncertainty! A new world of experiences opened up to me, revealing the mysteries of life, ultimately proving that we can break free from limitations and create a life filled with joy and unexpected adventure.


Admittedly, it was a bit of a process to mentally break free from all that I had known and believed to be true for so long but when I crossed that threshold and released those mental chains, I knew there was no turning back! My experiences along the way offered the wisdom that led to the development of Reboot. I created Reboot as a guide, based on my personal experience to help you realize your true potential and I am wholly committed to teaching you how to change your life. 

Would you like some help getting there?

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