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What is the purpose of life?

We all want to know. What am I here for? How can I make a difference in the world around me? Maybe it would easier if someone could tell me what that is! How is it that some people seem to just know? It seems foundational to shift the focus a bit. Before thinking about life purpose, let's look at the purpose of life, existence that is. Life, your very heartbeat, is a miracle. The self powered vehicle that houses that heart beat is a divinely created vehicle. That heart beat and its vehicle power up every morning, and power down every evening, autonomously. The fact is, you exist, I exist and no one knows how human existence came to be or when it began. Yet, we know that life perpetuates itself through reproduction. Plants, animals, people, continue to exist, evolve and expand in some way. It can be said that life (existence) is synonymous with divine love, divine love being the consciousness that both creates, destroys and sustains everything in a state of being. If we could understand this divine love and the power that it is, we could change the world with just that knowledge alone. Divine Love The first idea here is that divine love is the power that creates and sustains life. Let’s first remove the idea that love is contingent, romantic, limited, transactional, emotional or constricting and recognize that love is the reason for our very existence. Love is spirit. It is power. It is One, yet it is in all. The power that is love creates all. It is perfect, balanced, harmonious and unblemished. Love is life, it is perfection, it is completion. It is the air we breathe, thus, it is the breath, breathing air into its creation. Love is divine power.

That love is perpetually generating new life and sustaining existing life, as nature does. Let’s look at that idea as it relates to nature. The term ‘Ntr, or Ntjr ‘Ntjr’, comes from the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language and it means 'divine force' or 'sustaining power'. Phonetically, the term is related to other terms having the same meaning such as the Latin ‘natura’, the Spanish ‘naturalesa’, and the English ‘nature’. Human interaction isn't necessary for nature to exist and thrive, it just does. Nature is balanced, cyclic, regenerative, self governed, and self healing. It does these things of its own power. Divine Love in Nature Remember the COVID lockdown when the BBC reported that animals had begun enjoying solitude in previously busy neighborhoods and parks when residents were ordered to stay home? At the time, it was also noted that there had been a ‘revival in wildlife since the pandemic began’. It was the absence of humans and human-wildlife conflict that prompted nature to quickly attempt to expand their territory and thrive. As such with abandoned cities, plant life and wildlife quickly engulfs those uninhabited places and if enough time passes, there wouldn’t be any visible evidence that humans ever occupied them. This world-wide event demonstrated how quickly nature’s self-regenerative and restorative qualities manifest. It is so with love. When we embrace this divine love, we can observe the effects of that choice in and around us as well.

Divine love is divine power and we are emanations (rays) of divine love (light), embodied in physical form, fashioned from nature’s materials. When we embrace divine love and live from that high vibrational power, we radiate that love into our life experience. Thus the purpose of our lives (existence) is to live from the heart, where the light of love lives. That is to embrace our lives and the experiences we create lovingly. We are to live in the freedom of fearlessness like little children. We must maintain the wonderment in curiosity, and experience 'being' who we are without fear, shame, criticism, judgment, and rigid beliefs. This allow us to live a fulfilling life of rich experiences and abundance in all good things. That alone fulfills our purpose for existing as an emanation of divine love, a perfect ray of light with our colors complete.

Why stands in the way of this?

FEAR There is a lot of talk about doing shadow work these days, which sounds a bit trendy to my ears. The thing is there is one thing we allow to overshadow divine love and that is fear. Love and fear are diametrically opposed, yet they share the same divine power (source). If love and fear were seeds planted, would they not grow from the same rich soil, bright sun and fresh rainwater? Divine power is impartial in that it powers whichever seeds you plant in your life experience and there are only two kinds, love and fear.

Fear is synonymous with death. Any plant or animal (nature), if afraid to live, to love their existence enough to thrive and procreate, will surely die of starvation or extinction. That love for life is inherently built into their nature so unlike us, those of the animal kingdom don’t have to think about it. It’s instinctual. To exercise fear is to deny love, the divine power in each of us. Fear is most destructive in the absence of discernment. Our life experiences and the outcome are a matter of choice. When fear is chosen, we get derailed and the fear can become compounded. Nevertheless, fear has an important role to play, and it is up to you to decide how to respond.

What is the purpose of life?

I've pondered this question deeply early in my life and I've heard others ask the same. Only recently did an answer emerge. Why do I exist? What am I here for? What is the purpose of my life? We may have been getting the idea of life purpose mixed up with creating meaning in our lives. The purpose for existing in this form called ‘the body’ is simple, to experience life. We both create and embody those experiences in their fullness. This means whatever experiences we create, we experience both sides of it. It is a sowing and reaping of sorts. The question we are truly seeking answer to is around the meaning we will create in our life and the mission or direction we will set our focus on. In order to create meaning and develop a mission, one has to get out there and live without fear. That is how we discover that thing we can become passionate about. What is it that you love to do?

  • Create experiences: You may love to drink fine wine and thus develop a passion for creating exquisite wine-pairing experiences for others to enjoy. From there, you might make it your mission to source or craft the most exquisite wine in all of North America, to be sold only at the finest restaurants.

  • Save the animals: You may love animals and understand their suffering, thus decide to open your own animal rescue center to give animals a second chance at a good life.

  • A Helping Hand: Perhaps you understand all too well what it's like to go without and decide to help others in need. It could be volunteering at a shelter or starting a non-profit organization that helps families get back on their feet.

You will tune into the energy of meaningfulness when you can lose yourself in the passion (LOVE) for life. That passion for life is the embodiment of love and creation. Whatever it is, you can develop that passion for life into a mission, and from that experience you grow and expand your consciousness. As your life unfolds and evolves, your mission is likely to change. Remember, how you choose to show up in the world can change whenever you find yourself ready for a new growth experience. We are to live life freely and fearlessly, from the heart and life will unfold. So how will you create meaning in your life? What will become your mission?


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